Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Poem

I wrote this in 2008, but the sentiment still holds true.

My Wishes For You
As one year comes to a close,
and another year starts anew.
It’s time for me to share the list,
of wishes I’ve made for you.

May you find love’s sweet reflection,
in a cherished person’s face.
And experience the joy,
of a small child’s warm embrace.

May you get the chance to stop,
and smell a lovely rose.
Or take a walk along the beach,
and feel the sand between your toes.

May people accept you as you are,
and not try to make you change.
This is the way God made you,
so it can’t be wrong or strange.

May you never feel adrift,
without a guiding star.
No one is ever truly lost,
because God knows where you are.

May angels find you when you’re not looking,
and give you cause to smile.
Let them lift any care or sorrow,
if only for a while.

Here’s something to remember,
as you sing of Auld Lang Syne.
One heart holds you in fondness,
and of course that heart is mine.

© Corey Damerell 2008

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh The Irony!

I don’t have Wi-Fi at home yet, so I had to find the nearest AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot so that I could finish registering my Kindle. Where is the nearest AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot? The local Barnes & Noble book store.

That’s right, I had to venture into enemy territory to complete my mission.

I found a chair in a remote section of the store and fired up my Kindle. In seconds, I was connected. It was wonderful! I felt like a spy transmitting from behind enemy lines.

I found it funny that I had to go into Nookville to work with my Kindle.

I hope whoever reads this gets a giggle out of it, if not the irony of the situation, then the silliness of a new Kindle addict.

P.S.  I'm working on getting Wi-Fi for the house.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm A Happy Camper!

For the past couple of years, all I've been asking for for Christmas was a job for Jimmy and health for the whole family.  I must have been a very bad girl, because I didn't get any of my wishes.  This year, I decided, "To hell with it, I'm going to ask for something that's just for me."  So I wished for a Kindle. It didn't have to be a Kindle Fire, I just wanted a basic Kindle.  Guess what? I got one!  Billie, my bestest friend in the whole world gave me a Kindle for Christmas!  Woo hoo!  So far, I've downloaded 50 books onto the little bugger.  I've read one (Death Of A Cantankerous Old Coot, written by my friend Teresa Watson), and I'll be finishing up Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, which I started reading on the computer.  After that, who knows?