Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm A Happy Camper!

For the past couple of years, all I've been asking for for Christmas was a job for Jimmy and health for the whole family.  I must have been a very bad girl, because I didn't get any of my wishes.  This year, I decided, "To hell with it, I'm going to ask for something that's just for me."  So I wished for a Kindle. It didn't have to be a Kindle Fire, I just wanted a basic Kindle.  Guess what? I got one!  Billie, my bestest friend in the whole world gave me a Kindle for Christmas!  Woo hoo!  So far, I've downloaded 50 books onto the little bugger.  I've read one (Death Of A Cantankerous Old Coot, written by my friend Teresa Watson), and I'll be finishing up Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, which I started reading on the computer.  After that, who knows?

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