Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Sandy! Part 3

October 30th - 11:30 am

We can hear chain saws in the distance, so crews are out working. According to the local radio station, the local utility says that it could be a week to ten days before full power is restored to the county.  Oh joy.

5:00 pm - Just got back home

We went out to see if we could find so gas & survey the damage. Drove down to the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, got gas, and drove down to Paramus.

Drove back up Route 17 in NJ.  Power on in some areas, off in others.  When we got gas on the GSP, we drove right up to the pump.  On Route 17, the gas stations that were open had really long lines.

We stopped at an Olive Garden, but the wait for a table was at least two hours, so we left and drove up the road some more. Went to a place called the Mason Jar in Ramsey, NJ.  The wait was only a half an hour, so we waited.

After lunch, we drove across Route 202 in NJ, to Route 59 back here in NY.  Drove down Route 59, around downed trees and power lines.  Found an open Radio Shack, so we bought some extra batteries.

Drove back home, around more downed trees and power lines, hoping that the lights would be back on, but no luck.  So we wait.

Almost forgot about our portable DVD player.  Watched a John Denver concert DVD before I went to bed.  Not that I've been able to sleep much.  It's too damn quiet!!

To be continued....

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