Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Morning!

It's still blustery today, but at least it's stopped rainy.

Woke up late (almost 10 am!), so all of the kitties (Annie & Nigel, our 2 inside cats,  and Tiny & Freckles, 2 of the stray outside cats that I feed) were a bit miffed.  They've all had their breakfast now and have gone off the their post breakfast nap spots.  I don't know where Tiny & Freckles go, but Annie is now sound asleep in the laundry wagon, and Nigel is snoozing peacefully on the couch.

Today is one of my busy days.  A busy day is a day when I have stuff to do outside the house.

Tuesday is is food shopping day.  That means a trip to Walmart and BJ's.  I'll work on the shopping list after I wake up a bit, and take my shower.

Oh well, off to have some breakfast, take my shower, and work on the shopping list.  Do you need anything while we're out?

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